Luis Flores Most known as Rasco is the Founder & President of Beone Radio , Born in Guatemala  and raised in Canada, started this project as a hobby and then felt inspired in the Entertainment music industry he then started supporting all new artist who did not had the budget or support to promote there songs Online. Luis Flores (Rasco)  also started supporting young talent in communication Be one  broadcasts 20 live talk show. Be one was founded in 2007 in Dominican Republic. He is one of the pioneers in the online streaming radio Era, we still continue to support all new talents Music and Communications. 2017,  Be One  open hes doors in Montreal,Canada  to support local Canadians artist who needs exposure to the OUTSIDE WORLD.   Recently Be one won a Latin Awards Canada for best Online Radio station and best talk show " Entre Mujeres"   Contact:   rasco@be1radio.com | @beoneradio | @Be1radio

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